Blue as the sea, green as the mountains

Mountains and sea merge together to offer a multitude of options, and where nature is at the heart of it all.

Beaches of Isla Playa

Descubre la variedad de playas que existen en este pueblo encantador. La mayoría son playas de finas arenas, y una en particular está reconocida con la bandera azul de la Unión Europea por su calidad y pureza de aguas.

Playa El Sable

Recognized by the blue flag.
A wide beach with fine sand forming a bay with low currents and supervised by life guards. You can access the beach through several entrances and it also has easy access thanks to a ramp.

Playa de los Barcos

Recognized by the blue flag.
Esta playa conecta a Noja con Isla permitiendo cruzar al otro lado durante la marea baja hasta llegar a la Playa del Ris (reconocida con la bandera azul). Durante la marea baja se forman charcos pequeños ideales para los niños.

Playa Arnadal

A small and charming beach. We recommend it for those who prefer to go directly into deep waters, instead of shallow ones.

Playa de la Arena

A beautiful beach which flows into a river with lots of currents (Río de Ajo). It is ideal for people who enjoy paddle surf or kayak. Also, the sunsets are spectacular. Aviso: una zona está destinada al nudismo.

Playa de la Cava

Another small beach that is located at the entrance of Isla, and at the beginning of the wetlands. Highly recommended for those who enjoy water activities as it connects with the river.

Playa del Cándano

Otra playa pequeña y rodeada por rocas que conecta con la Playa de los Barcos. Forma una bahía muy bonita de visitar y hacerse fotos.

Playas de Isla Cantabria


The most fascinating occurrence in Isla Playa are the regular rise and fall of the ocean's waters, which are also known as tides, and can last up to 8 days. This causes the landscape to change dynamically throughout the day allowing a range of activities to take place.
11:00 horas – 0.6 metros | 17:00 horas – 4 metros

The impressive transformation of the Playa Joyel allows you to cross from Isla Playa to the neighbouring town Noja. Make sure to watch the time, otherwise you might get stuck in Noja without being able to cross over to Isla in the next 12 hours when its low tide.

11:00 horas – 0.6 metros | 17:00 horas – 4 metros

Another example is Playa Cándano where the low tide reached its minimum at 11:00 o'clock and the high tide at 17:00. The cycle repeats itself and can last up to 8 days. From September to October and February to March, the tides are the strongest, which means you can appreciate the change far more easier.

We strongly recommend to take care when its low tide, because of the strong currents which pull the water into the ocean, so make sure to pay attention.

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Surrounding towns

Places rewarded with the
Senda Azul por la ADEAC

Forming part of the Trasmiera Eco Park

Acantilados Cabo Quejo

Senda interactiva de las Marismas Joyel

Lots to see,... and try?

The rich gastronomy of the area with its fish and shellfish, as well as ecologically grown garden products that you cannot miss tasting during your visit.
Tomates de Isla en Cantabria
de la Huerta

Los tomates de Isla​

The tomatoes from Isla are quite known in Cantabria and are sold during the months of July to September. They are popular for being juicy, and having a balanced taste between sweet and acidic.

Langstos de Isla Cantabria

Local lobster

Isla has a long history of fishing lobsters, and its quality is excelent due to its cold waters. Usually, it's served with mayonaisse and vinaigrette.

Pimientos de Isla
de la Huerta

Isla's green peppers

The seasonal green peppers that are grown in Isla are known for its firm texture and thick flesh. They tend to be fried and eaten without the skin.

Fotos de Isla Playa

Isla Playa's magic: beaches, mountains and nature all in one place and for all leasures. 
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